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Eco-Friendly Dumpster Rental and Exclusive Recycling Services

Nova Dumpsters takes an eco-friendly approach to our business. When we haul our dumpsters to the landfill, we take it to the transfer station. Here the employees will go through the load looking for items, such as metal and cardboard that can be recycled. The goal is to maximize recycling and minimize landfill waste. We also are able to provide dumpsters that can be dedicated to recyclable waste like bricks, concrete, wood, carpet, metal, pallettes or carboard.

Another benefit to the environment is that a dumpster cuts down on CO2 emissions. Instead of making multiple trips in your vehicle if you do it yourself, we can haul everything in one trip.

We also make sure that what we take to the landfill isn’t harmful to the environment or to individuals. Paints, chemicals, and gasoline have to be disposed of properly through city and county drop off points. Our staff can help direct our customers to where to properly dispose these items safely.

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