Getting Ready to Sell Your Home, Then Make It Easier By Renting a Dumpster

Moving out of a home can be a stressful time. Depending on the size of your home and the amount of belongings you have, you could have a lot to clear out. If you’re selling the home you have even more to do, not only packing, but getting your home ready to be listed.

That is why anything that can do to make the process smoother is worth doing.

One of the ways to make things a lot easier is to rent a dumpster. By having a dumpster, you make the moving experience more efficient and potentially easier for your home to sell quickly.

Less Things To Box Up

One reason to get rid of things is that you’ll have that much less to move.  It’s a big deal to not only pack things, but then load them onto a vehicle if you’re doing the move yourself. Even if you’re not, you still have to unpack things later and put everything away.

If these items are things you don’t even use or worse, no longer work, then why go to all this trouble.

Sell your home easier with a dumpster rental to clean out the house
Dumpster rental

Simply haul them out to the dumpster and toss them in.

No Bagging or Trips to the Local Landfill

You might think you could just haul all your trash to the curb, but if you have a lot to haul, then this might not be an option. If it is an option then you still have to bag everything to set it out.

Another option is to haul everything yourself to the local landfill. This means you have to find time when its open to go there and possibly wait in line to get rid of things. This is more time lost as you prepare to move out.

More Room In The Home

If you are planning to sell your home, then you also have to get it presentable for potential buyers.

People want to see a home that has a lot of living space. If you’ve accumulated a lot of things over time, then get rid of anything no longer useful. Anything that still has value can be donated to a local charity.

Items that can’t be used by someone else or is broken, then toss these into the dumpster, as well.

Begin with the attic and the basement as this is often where items are often discarded. Neither of these rooms will likely convince a prospect to put a bid on your home, but if they are cluttered they could have a negative impact. People might assume there is little storage in the other rooms if these two rooms are overflowing.

Go through every room if you can and eliminate items. The more you can clear out, the roomier your home will feel.

Don’t Forget the Exterior

When selling a home curb appeal is everything. You want to entice the driver who happens down your street and is house hunting. That can’t happen with a messy yard.

For some things like an old swing set or a busted hot tub, you’ll need a junk removal company, as they’ll need to break these up.

For most things, however, you can pick them up on your own and toss them in the dumpster. Old branches, broken down patio furniture, and maybe a rusty old fire pit can be tossed.

Do the work in stages

You might think of dumpsters as those large metal monsters in an alley that would take forever to fill up. Most dumpster rental companies, however, have a variety of sizes, including smaller models.

Maybe in the beginning of the process you just want to clean out a few rooms as you get ready to market your home. You fill this up and have it hauled away.

Then a few weeks later you have another brought so you can clear out even more stuff. This way you can shorten the amount of time you have the dumpster and also feel like you’re not wasting money by sending it away half filled. When you tell the representative how much material you have, they’ll bring a size that accommodates your need so you’re not paying for something larger than you need.

Ensure the Safety of Your Property

Another reason you might hesitate with renting a dumpster is your concern that the company will slam it down, causing damage to your driveway or your lawn.

This is why you want a company that uses a hook and haul system. This is where the company simply lifts the dumpster up and carefully deposits it, with less chance of anything happening to your property. It’s also why renting a smaller size dumpster is a great option if you have a limited amount of space for one.

If you are thinking of moving soon and looking for help getting rid of unwanted items, then contact Nova Dumpster. We serve Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Prince George and Montgomery Counties in Maryland. Not only do we offer affordable prices, but we have a reputation for being on time.  Call us today to get an estimate and schedule your drop-off.

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