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Dumpster Rentals Temple Hills, Maryland

Are you looking to rent a dumpster in and around Temple Hills, Maryland for a project? Nova Dumpsters offers a variety of dumpster sizes for commercial and residential use.

Whether it’s a simple spring-cleaning project or a major construction project we can accommodate your needs.

We’ll make sure your work goes smoothly by supplying the dumpster on the day you need it and hauling it away on your completion date. For construction companies, we can provide all the dumpsters you need on your worksite and empty them, as needed.

Nova Dumpsters is a locally owned dumpster rental company with a reputation for affordable pricing and on time, courteous service.

A Family Owned Dumpster Company

We are a family-owned dumpster company that serves not just Temple Hills, but other communities in Prince George County and Washington DC, as well.

Long before we offered dumpsters as a service, we built a reputation in the junk removal business for having low prices and prompt service. In fact, after a decade of being in business, we have a nearly perfect 5 star rated business.

We don’t want you to feel you’re overpaying for your dumpster or that you have to spend a morning waiting around for us to arrive.

The low price we quote you is the actual price you’ll pay. Some dumpster rental companies quote one price, then submit a bill with several additional charges added on, such as drop-off and pickup fees. Our prices are all-inclusive.

Since we offer several dumpster sizes, you don’t have to worry about paying for something bigger than you’ll need. Or that you’ll quickly fill up and still have a lot of junk to get rid of.

When you do decide to rent from us, we’ll work out a time that is convenient for you and that is when we’ll arrive.

When we do arrive you don’t have to worry about your property being damaged when we drop it off. Because we don’t drop it. We use a unique hook haul system that allows us to carefully lower your roll-off dumpster onto your property. And the surrounding items aren’t at risk in the process.

Our company is fully licensed and insured.

The Convenience of Dumpsters for Projects of Any Size

If you’re looking for dumpster rentals you already probably know you might benefit from one. You might not realize, however, how convenient it will make many projects.

Many of our dumpsters are lower to the ground so you don’t have to lift things up to get rid of them or deal with a large bulky lid. It makes it easy to dispose of items even when they’re heavy or bulky.

For remodeling projects, dumpsters are ideal for getting rid of the debris as you go. Instead of piling it up on your carpet somewhere or outside where it can become a home for rodents, you just toss everything away as you go. It will help to keep your home and property clean, even as your work adds to its value.

Cleaning up a room or multiple rooms goes faster if you can just toss everything away. No need to bag everything up or load it into a vehicle to make the long trip to the local landfill. When you’re done with the cleaning you’re done with the work.

Having a dumpster dropped off is also the ideal time to get rid of all that clutter that’s accumulated over time in your basement, attic or garage. It will free up space and get another project over your to-do list.

If you’re a landlord or a Realtor that needs to clear out a property quickly, a dumpster is a perfect solution. You don’t have to worry about inconveniencing other tenants or having a mess that will turn off potential tenants. Most importantly you can get the listing up faster.

For a construction company having dumpsters onsite helps keep the work area more open. The last thing you want is for workers to have to deal with piles of debris all over the place. And since we dump them as they’re filled, they won’t be spilling over into your work area.

Dumpsters can make clearing out a warehouse easier or emptying out an estate. Nearly any home or business in Temple Hills can use a dumpster to get rid of all the items they don’t need. 

Getting the Roll Off Dumpster That Fits Your Project’s Needs

Since we offer a variety of sizes of dumpsters for your rent, you can get something that easily fulfills your needs.

    6 Yard Dumpster

    This unit is popular as a construction dumpster as it can be used for dirt, rock, concrete or bricks. It can also be rented when you have just a few items to get rid of.

    14′ Long x 8′ Wide x 2′ Tall
    Max Weight: (8000 lbs ~ 4 Tons)

    10 Yard Dumpster

    When undertaking a home renovation project this dumpster will most likely be the size to rent.

    14′ Long x 8′ Wide x 3′ Tall
    Max Weight: (8,000 lbs ~ 4 Tons)

    15 Yard Dumpster

    If you’re cleaning out a larger room such as a basement or attic or undertaking a larger remodeling project, then this unit is best.

    16′ Long x 8′ Wide x 4′ Tall
    Max Weight: (8,000 lbs ~ 4 Tons)

    20 Yard Dumpster

    When you have multiple rooms to empty out, then you might want to go with this sized roll-off dumpster.

    16′ Long x 8′ Wide x 4.5′ Tall, Max Weight: (8,000 lbs ~ 4 Tons)

    30 Yard Dumpster

    Our largest dumpster is ideal for construction sites or when you have a large building to clear out at once, such as an estate.

    18′ Long x 8′ Wide x 6′ Tall, Max Weight: 12,000 lbs ~ 6 tons

    Not sure what size you actually need? No worries. When you contact us, our experienced staff will go over what you need to dispose of and suggest your best option.

    Call Nova Dumpsters today to schedule a drop-off so you can get rid of your junk quickly. Simply fill out the form on this site or call (833) 610-3867.