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Dumpster Rentals in Lake Ridge, Virginia

Nova Dumpsters offers a variety of sized dumpsters for rent for businesses and residents of Lake Ridge, Virginia. We offer an affordable and convenient solution to cleaning up messes of any size. From everyday clutter around a home to the debris on a construction site.

If you think of a dumpster as one of those large metal bins with a heavy lid that you find in an alley, think again. We offer dumpsters that are designed for smaller projects, while also having larger ones that work for bigger projects.

A dumpster doesn’t have to be something you need only as a last resort. In fact, it’s often one of the best options you have when you have more junk than the city of Lake Ridge will pick up.

Think about it. You don’t have to bag up every little item and you don’t have to mess up your vehicle by stuffing garbage bags and broken furniture into it.

Whether you’re spring cleaning or planning a large home remodeling project, it’s convenient to have a dumpster just outside your door.

For a business, particularly a construction company it can be not just a convenience to have dumpsters on the site, but also prevent employees from tripping over debris or having to maneuver around it.

And if you contact Nova Dumpsters, we can almost guarantee a dumpster will be a convenience.

Nova Dumpster – A Locally Owned Company

When looking for a dumpster company you’re first concern is often about the cost. With Nova Dumpsters you can rest assured that our rental price is among the lowest in the area.

The price we quote you is what you’ll pay, provided you stay within your weight restrictions. Be careful of companies that offer prices that seem too good. Ask them if there are additional fees that will be applied to your bill. Fees for dumping or pick up. Costs they hadn’t mentioned to you.

After price you want to make sure you have options to what size dumpster, you can rent. After all, you don’t want to pay for a dumpster you are only going to fill up halfway. We offer smaller dumpster is your project isn’t that big. Or when space on your property is a premium.

You also don’t want to wait around for hours for your dumpster to be dropped off, then wait a few days more for it to be picked up after you had scheduled it to be removed. We stick to the schedule we set with you. If you find you need more time, then call us and we can work something out.

Finally, you want a company that is responsible. That doesn’t just pick up your dumpster and then haul it off to the landfill to be dumped. We first take your dumpster to a transfer station where anything recyclable is removed. This helps lessen the environmental impact of your junk.

We are also fully licensed and insured.

We Serve Businesses from Contractors to Real Estate Agencies

If your business needs a dumpster to rent for a short term, then we can help. We often rent to businesses who suddenly find themselves in need.

Construction companies and remodelers rely on us to keep the debris to a minimum on their work sites. We can supply you with the number of dumpsters you need for a project and empty them, as needed.

For a Realtor, having a current homeowner rent a dumpster is a great way to clear out their home and make it seem more spacious and less cluttered.

Likewise, a landlord can use a dumpster to clean up after a tenant has left, leaving behind a mess. The quicker that it can be cleared out the quicker it can be rented to a new tenant.

We even have special construction dumpsters that can be used to dispose of busted up concrete, dirt, and broken bricks. Many homeowners find this handy when doing a large landscaping project.

Roll Off Dumpster Sizes For Rent

With five different sizes to choose from, it can be a little confusing to know what dumpster size you need. Luckily our staff is very experienced in this and when you call and let them know what you’re getting rid of, they’ll match you to the correct size.

6 Yard Dumpster

Our smallest dumpster size is good for small remodeling projects or clearing out a small room of clutter. It can also be used for shingles, dirt, and pieces of concrete.

14′ Long x 8′ Wide x 2′ Tall
Max Weight: (8000 lbs ~ 4 Tons)

10 Yard Dumpster

For when you’re clearing out a single room or doing a small remodeling project.

14′ Long x 8′ Wide x 3′ Tall
Max Weight: (8,000 lbs ~ 4 Tons)

15 Yard Dumpster

Often rented for small renovation projects or when clearing out a basement or an attic.

16′ Long x 8′ Wide x 4′ Tall
Max Weight: (8,000 lbs ~ 4 Tons)

20 Yard Dumpster

Can be used for commercial and residential remodeling, as well as office clean outs. 

16′ Long x 8′ Wide x 4.5′ Tall, Max Weight: (8,000 lbs ~ 4 Tons)

30 Yard Dumpster

This roll off dumpster is the largest we offer and is often used for larger commercial and construction projects.

18′ Long x 8′ Wide x 6′ Tall, Max Weight: 12,000 lbs ~ 6 tons

Don’t wait any longer to get rid of your clutter. Call us today at (833) 610-3867 and you’ll get your low-cost estimate. And then schedule your drop-off for the time that is most convenient for you.