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Renting a Dumpster for the First Time – What to Know & How to Prepare

If you’re thinking of renting a dumpster for the first time, or already have one scheduled for drop-off there are things you should know before it arrives.

A dumpster is a convenient way to get rid of a lot of junk, including debris from a renovation project.

What to do when renting a dumpster for the first time.
Prepare Your Dumpster Rental

Yet, you don’t want surprises on your bill, and you don’t want damage done to your property.

Here are some tips to make renting a dumpster easier and without any unpleasant surprises.

Ask Questions When Getting Estimates

Most likely your calling around before renting a dumpster but be wary of the prices you’re quoted. Some companies will quote one price, but then bill you another price.

When getting an estimate make sure that the estimate, they give you is the full price. Some companies will quote one price then tack on additional fees later. Know in advance what the total cost will be.

The only additional fee that you could see on your bill is if you go over your anticipated weight. And we’ll show how to avoid that.

Make Space For Your Dumpster

You need not just adequate space for the dumpster, but also for the trucks that will be delivering it. The area should be easily accessible from the road and also free of any low hanging trees.

The space you should choose should have more than enough room for the dumpster as it can be difficult for some companies to be precise when they drop it off. As we’ll discuss in the next tip, Nova Dumpsters uses a more precise method that relies on less space. Still you don’t want the space to be too tight.

The surface should be solid ground, which is why a driveway is often best. Be selective if you still want access on the driveway for vehicles and make sure it’s not blocking a sidewalk.

It should also be a level surface. For obvious reasons you don’t want it put on a sloped surface.

Unless you’re told to by the company, you don’t necessarily need to be there when it’s delivered provided you have made room for the delivery.

Protect the Surface Where the Dumpster Will Rest

Having chosen a spot where you want the dumpster placed, you might want to consider protecting the surface. Some companies will literally drop off your dumpster onto your property, potentially causing damage in the process.

There are some companies that use a hook and haul process, including Nova Dumpsters. This system lowers your dumpster more carefully instead of the old way of dropping it.

Yet, no matter how your dumpster is delivered you might want to consider protecting the location by putting down some plywood or boards. This is especially important if you just recently had new concerted installed or it will be on your lawn.

Loading A Dumpster

When loading your dumpster, you’ll notice a line on the inside of it. Most likely when you called to rent, the company told you in advance about this line.

With some companies, they might not have a line but instead tell you to only fill to the top.

The reason for not going past the point you’re told about is that it could result in your dumpster being over the proper weight. If it weighs in more than it should it often results in an additional fee.

If the dumpster is overflowing, the company will probably not take it until it’s to the proper level. It’s not just the weight, but the risk of items falling out.

What You Can’t Dispose Of

There are items you typically can’t dispose of in a dumpster and most of these are liquid wastes, such as paints, chemicals, solvents. In fact, liquids of any kind are prohibited. Any bio-hazardous material or medical waste is strictly not allowed. Anything radioactive or explosive is also not allowed.

Here are some other items that can’t be disposed of in a dumpster.

·       Tires

·       Propane tanks

·       Equipment containing gas, oil or Freon

·       Refrigerators and AC units

·       Asbestos

·       Railroad Ties

·       Herbicides and Pesticides

Some items, such as mattresses, box springs may incur additional handling fees.

What to Do About Concrete, Dirt, Bricks, and Rock

One of the most difficult forms of debris to get rid of are rock, concrete and dirt because of their heavier density.  A dumpster can be a way to dispose of these items, but not if you don’t have the proper dumpster.

You might have rented a large dumpster and filled it in with a lot of junk then considered tossing in some of these heavier materials. It could result in the dumpster being too overweight and could result in an additional charge or even having to remove the items before it can be hauled away.

Many companies offer construction dumpsters that are designed for these materials. They are smaller in size and so can handle the heavier materials. A dumpster is an easy way to dispose of heavy items, but only if you’re using the proper size.

Take Precautions with the Weather

It’s not just your junk that adds to the weight of your dumpster rental. If it is raining or its been forecast, then you might want to cover the dumpster with a tarp. Otherwise, the load will be very heavy, and you could go over the tonnage that’s included with your rental.

When Your Dumpster Is Loaded

When you’re through with the dumpster you might need to sweep up the surface, particularly if you’re renovating a room. You don’t want nails or sharp object lying around that could damage a tire or injure someone walking by it.

Don’t Limit Access to the Dumpster

When your dumpster is scheduled to be picked up, don’t have it blocked so the driver can’t get to it. Park vehicles somewhere else.

If the driver has to come back a second time because the dumpster was inaccessible you’ll be charged a dry run fee for the additional trip

You don’t have to be there when the dumpster is picked up unless the company has requested you be there.

Renting a dumpster comes in handy for a lot of projects. It can make life easier and if you follow our instructions,

If you live or work in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, or Prince George and Montgomery Counties in Maryland, then contact Nova Dumpsters. We’ll be glad to answer any questions about renting a dumpster you might have. Call us today at 571-432-8162.