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Instead go through the garage now and see what can be thrown away. Has the lawnmower finally reached its end or are there yard tools that are broken. The more room you can make now the easier it will be to get around when the temperatures drop, and you want to move quickly.

Make More Room In the House

With the arrival of cold, you’ll be spending more and more time inside. Hopefully, cabin fever won’t set in for a few months, but why not make the home seem less crowded.

Go through the home and look for appliances that are broken, furniture that can’t be repaired and other items you set aside to get rid of one day, but never did.

Maybe you did some remodeling projects, during the summer, but now have leftover debris in the home or the garage. Get rid of that now.

As you have more space in the basement or attic, maybe you can move some of the furniture from the other rooms. Things you don’t use anymore, but still, want to hang onto. This will make the home seem larger and also free up space for when the Christmas tree goes up.

Replace the Furnace Filter

Part of the problem with winter is that a home can seem stuffier. It’s even worse if you have an old furnace filter that not only makes your unit more inefficient but can create a musty smell. The odor is only part of the problem. It could also result in respiratory problems.

Kids Are Off to College

For some parents, the fall has a different meaning. It’s when their son or daughter goes off to college. It can be a stressful time for some, but it can also be a chance to finally clean their room. Who knows what’s accumulated underneath the bed all the summer. Or what is packed away in their closet.

If they’re off to college for the first time, then they might still have a lot of papers and books left over from high school they no longer need.

Fall cleaning can be a great way to make your home more livable and doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Use that first weekend after the kids leave to get the work done or when your favorite football team is on a bye.

When doing these various projects your instinct will be to pile them up somewhere outside or haul it to the curb to pick up. Maybe even haul it all to the nearest landfill, if that’s an option. Yet, all of these things take time.

The easiest option and the quickest is to hire a local junk removal company. Take them about the house and show them what needs to be hauled. They can do the heavy lifting, particularly if its something large and cumbersome. They can even haul away large things such as hot tubs, swing sets, sheds, and fences.

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