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You’re in the midst of a home remodeling project or your simply have a lot of junk to get rid of. You know it’s more trash than you can set out for the city to pickup so now you have a decision to make. Do you haul the junk away to the local landfill yourself or rent a dumpster?

The problem with a dumpster rental is that it costs money and doing it yourself is free. In the long run, however, a dumpster might be a better investment.

You can Find a Dumpster That Fits Your Needs

You might think of dumpster as being the type you see in alleys. Big, bulky containers you have to flip the large lid open on. That’s not the

The benefits of a Northern Virgina home or business renting a dumpster

The benefits of a dumpster rental for a home or business

case. Most dumpster rental companies have various sizes available including small ones that don’t take up much space on your driveway or lawn. When you call about a dumpster, explain to them what your getting rid of, and they can provide you one based on your specific needs.

A Dumpster saves you a lot of time

If you’re doing it yourself, you most likely will have to bag most everything. After all you don’t want to just toss a bunch of junk into the back of your family vehicle or even a work vehicle. So, you have to stop and bag everything. That’s not always the easiest of tasks and when you’re done you’ll likely have to sweep up the area you bagged everything in.

Then once you have bagged everything you have to haul it to the local landfill. Unless your next door to the local landfill this means some drive time. Then once you’re there you might find yourself waiting in line with a bunch of other do it yourselfers.

Hopefully after all this you’ve been able to do it one trip. If not, you have to do it all over again.

With a dumpster you simply haul everything out to it and toss it in. No bagging involved. And when you’re all done you simply make a phone call to have it picked up. Or maybe you’ve already scheduled the pickup in advance. Total drive time is zero minutes for you.

Space Could Be An Issue

As mentioned, you might find that your vehicle is full, and you still have garbage bags sitting off to the side or a lot of debris. As we’ve pointed out this means another trip, or you find a place to store them for a while.

With a dumpster, the size you’ve been quoted for will have plenty of room for everything. In fact, you might find that you have some room left over. So why not take advantage of this and throw away some other things around the home or business you no longer need. Free up some more room for family or for employees.

No Damaging Your Vehicles

Another problem with doing it yourself is that you can damage your vehicle. As your tossing in a bag one could tear, and the contents could spill out into your vehicle. If there’s drywall involved or sawdust then this could get into the fibers of your car. Or liquid could spill out onto your trunk.  Or maybe the sides can get scratched. In another word a lot could go wrong. Unless it’s a vehicle you don’t care about or seen a lot of wear and tear over the years, it might not be worth it.

Load the vehicle too much and you also risk damaging the vehicle’s suspension. Then you’re looking at a very big bill.

A dumpster is designed for debris. It’s reinforced, and you simply toss everything in, not worrying it could be damaged.  You can dump nails into it, old metal and all kinds of sharp objects without concern.

Doing It Yourself Really Isn’t Free.

If you’re hauling it to the local landfill, they’re going to charge you. The cost won’t be as much as the dumpster obviously, but it’s still a cost. And how much is your time worth? Time that takes you away from your business, your family or maybe the remodeling project.

The gas is another cost, although not a large one. Still, all these things have added up. A dumpster rental is affordable, and most importantly, convenient.

Nova Dumpster Rental has a variety of dumpster sizes that are ideal for homeowners and business owners needing one for a limited time. We serve Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Prince George and Montgomery Counties in Maryland. Not only do we offer affordable prices, but we have a reputation for being on time.  Call us today at 571-432-8162 to get an estimate and schedule your drop-off.