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If you are like many companies, your business might be closed to the public temporarily and or your working with a smaller staff. COVID-19 has caused most businesses to undergo unwelcome transformations.

This might also mean you have more time on your hands. If so, this might be the time to clean out your office, workspace, or retail outlet.

You’ve long had a lot of office clutter to deal with and not the time to take care of it. Or you had old inventory you needed to dispose of. Maybe you manage a warehouse and have larger items to get rid of.

Have a temporary dumpster outside your business.

In the past, it wasn’t just that you didn’t have time to clear out things. You didn’t have a place to put a dumpster temporarily. You didn’t want to take up valuable parking space or to have it be where your customers would walk past.

The one bright lining to the current situation is that you can take care of it now. And a temporary dumpster will make the work easier.

With a dumpster on your property, you can make simple work of getting rid of all your debris.

A Dumpster Makes It Easy To Get Rid of Most Everything

With a dumpster, you don’t have to worry about separating items out. You can haul out boxes of old paperwork or broken furniture or even old computers.

Here are some of the items you could get rid of.

·        Computers

·        Printers

·        Monitors

·        Cabinets

·        Desks

·        Office Chairs

·        Filing Cabinets

·        Old files and paperwork

·        Bookcases

·        Shelves

·        Office cubicles

·        Kitchen Appliances

·        Old inventory

You can literally toss in almost everything with only a few exceptions such as liquid waste, paints, and chemicals.

Dumpster Come in All Sizes

When you think of dumpsters for commercial use, you might worry that this means you will get some oversized bin you’ll only half filled.

Most dumpster rental companies have a variety of sizes to rent.

If your project is small, then you can go with a smaller dumpster.

If you’re clearing out a warehouse, then there are larger sizes that can take care of all you need to dispose of.

And most dumpsters come without a lid.

Most dumpsters don’t have a lid, just a door. You simply toss in everything with little to no contact with a dumpster. And if you get a smaller size it’s easy to throw things in.

Renting From Nova Dumpsters – The Precautions We’ve Taken and The Sizes Available

If your business is located in Northern Virginia, Washington DC or Prince George or Montgomery Counties in Maryland, then contact Nova Dumpsters.

When you call our staff will go over with you what you need to dispose of and help determine the dumpster size you need.

We also provide no contact service.

When you call to schedule a time for your dumpster to be dropped off, we’ll take care of all the paperwork over the phone, including payment.

You establish the time you want the dumpster to be dropped off and where it’s to be placed. If your concerned about where it goes you can stand outside and gesture to our drivers where you want it.

With our dumpsters, you don’t need to come in contact with it. There is no lid and they’re often short enough that you simply toss in your office junk.

When done loading it, your work is done. We haul it away.

Despite the lack of contact, we are always taking additional precautions.

We constantly sanitize our trucks and our drivers wear a mask and use plenty of hand sanitizer.

We clean the back doors of the dumpster for every delivery.

We follow all CDC Guidelines.

You also don’t have to worry about a dumpster doing damage to your parking lot when it’s delivered. We use a system that allows us to lower your dumpster instead of just dropping it.

Give us a call today at (833) 610-3867 for a free, no-obligation quote. 

Would you rather not deal with doing the work yourself?

Our parent company Nova Junk Removal can clear out your office or work site. You simply show them what needs to be removed or have it all in one area.

We’ve taken special precautions to ensure our workers and our customers are safe. Visit our site to learn more about our junk removal services and how we limit the contact between you and our staff.