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As much as most everyone looks forward to the end of winter, there is one thing many people dread about the spring. Spring cleaning.

Now maybe spring cleaning for is simply going about the house and dusting or wiping down everything.

If spring cleaning means emptying out the garage or cleaning out the attic, then you’ll likely have a lot to dispose of.

Spring cleaning can be a time-consuming process by itself. Then there is getting rid of your trash and junk.

Spring cleaning is done easier with the help of a dumpster.
What to do with all your junk from a spring cleaning

Scheduling a special pickup with the city is an option, but you need to have everything out the night before. All carefully bagged or in cans. And if you have debris from a home remodeling project you likely can’t even set that out.

Hauling everything to a landfill is another option provided you have the right vehicle. And if you do, then do you want to spend even more time loading up everything and then spend an afternoon driving to the landfill and emptying everything out.

The simple solution is to rent a dumpster. You go outside your front door and its there. You don’t have to bag or tag. You simply toss everything in. Including construction debris.

Why Do I Need a Large Bulky Dumpster For a Small Project?

You might have dismissed the idea of renting a dumpster because you assume you’ll be given one of those large metal bins you see in alleys outside of businesses.

A dumpster outside your home makes spring cleaning go smoother.

Most rental companies offer a variety of sizes, including some as small as 6 yards. This means even if you don’t have a lot to get rid of, you can still benefit from a dumpster. And not worry that you’re overpaying for one too big for your needs.

Yet, you might find you have more to get rid of then you first thought.

Time To Get Rid of The Furniture You No Longer Use

You might have planned on just getting rid of the clutter you have around the house. Yet, why not take advantage of having a dumpster on-site and get rid of an old mattress or broken furniture such as that old couch. These might have been items you would have disposed of if you were hauling trash to the dump, but now make sense to get rid of.

Don’t Forget About the Yard

One advantage of having a dumpster is the variety of materials you can dispose of. This includes broken branches, maybe a shrub you’re getting rid of, or those leaves you dint’ have a chance to rake before the snow fell.

You might also have lawn furniture that needs to be replaced. Or a picnic table that isn’t safe for anyone to sit on anymore.

With a dumpster, you can literally get rid of almost any type of debris.

There Are Things You Can’t Dispose Of in a Dumpster

For all the convenience of a dumpster, there are things you can’t dispose of in a dumpster. Most of these are liquid waste, such as paints and solvents. You can get rid of your old grill, but you can’t throw in the propane tanks.

Old appliances can be tossed in, with the exception of ac units and refrigerators.

You can get rid of a lawnmower, but all equipment must be completely emptied of gas and oil

When you call for a dumpster rental, let them know about what you’re getting rid of. The list of items that are prohibited is small, but you still must be aware of it.

Don’t Wait For Spring

If you don’t want to ruin your spring by cleaning up the home, then why not get a jump on it early. After all, you often have less to do in the winter other than shoveling the drive and scraping ice off of your vehicles.

You can have a dumpster dropped off now and take care of the clutter on a day even if its cold outside. 

With newer dumpsters, you can toss in everything relatively easy so you’re not out there fumbling with an oversized lid while the temperatures are below freezing.

A couple of words of caution. If snow is in the forecast, then get a tarp or something to cover the dumpster. You don’t want a lot of snow falling then melting. This could add to your overall weight. You don’t want an extra fee for being over your allowed amount.

You also need to make sure the area you’re planning to have the dumpster set on is cleared of snow. And that the driver can get easy access to it.

Renting a dumpster for a spring cleaning project is a no brainer. There are so many advantages to it and it will help the work get done that much quicker. And dumpsters are more affordable than you expect.

We lower dumpsters onto your property, not drop them off.

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