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There can be nothing more satisfying than doing a remodeling project yourself. You are not only adding value to your home, but you can show it off as something you did yourself.

You can get a dumpster of any size, large or small

The big problem with a project of any size is often the debris you are left with. Your first instinct is often to just pile it up in a corner of a room.  Yet, that only leaves a mess to clean up later and potentially damage the space you left it in.

Another problem with construction debris is that you can’t simply take it out to the curb and leave it for the city to pick up later. Most cities won’t accept construction debris, even as a special pickup.

You could take the material to a landfill yourself, but again you could risk damaging your vehicle in the process. And adding more time to what already might have been a time-consuming process, especially if the landfill isn’t close.

A dumpster, however, makes the job easier. As you tear up a room, you can just walk the items out the door and toss it in. When the work is done so is the disposal. The dumpster company simply comes on the day you requested and hauls everything away.

You Can Literally Throw Out The Kitchen Sink

One of the nice things about a dumpster is that you can toss a variety of waste inside. You don’t have to separate construction debris out from appliances or old furniture. You can even toss in yard waste if you want.

Among the materials you can toss into a dumpster are:

·        Broken cabinets

·        Countertop

·        The kitchen sink

·        Flooring

·        Drywall

About the only thing, you can’t toss in is hazardous waste or liquid waste such as paint.

Exterior Projects Have Their Own Unique Debris

If the do it yourself project is outside, it’s even more imperative to have someplace to safely throw it. After all, you don’t want to damage your yard by having a bunch of debris piled on it. This is especially important if the debris is a heavy material.

A pile of debris outside can also attract young children who might consider playing in it. Or attract small animals who might think it’s an ideal place to live.

For an exterior project a dumpster can be used for:

·        Decking Material

·        Tear Down a Shed

·        Shingles

·        Wood

·        Branches and lumber

·        Fencing

·        Barbecue Grill

·        Lawn furniture

If the project will involve disposing of dense material such as broken concrete, bricks, or dirt, then you can rent special construction dumpsters for just this type of debris.

Get the Dumpster Size You Need for Your Specific Project

One of the nice things about contacting a dumpster rental company is the selection they often have. They have dumpsters as small as 6 yards, or as large as 30 yards.

Having various sizes to choose from also helps to make placement easier. If space is a premium or you don’t want the driveway entirely blocked off, then you can go with something smaller.

And if you do find you have a little room left in your dumpster once the work is done, then take advantage of it. Surely there is some old furniture or broken appliances tucked away somewhere you finally get rid of.

Also, if you find the project takes longer then expected and you need more time for your dumpster rental, then contact the company and schedule it for longer.

If you live in Northern Virginia, Washington DC or Prince George or Montgomery Counties in Maryland, then contact Nova Dumpsters. We can provide you with the dumpster size you need for the type of work you’re doing. Give us a call today at (833) 610-3867 for a free, no-obligation quote. 

Would you rather not deal with the construction debris at all. Our parent company Nova Junk Removal can clear out any construction debris you might have. We also provide shed demolition services and can haul away broken hot tubs and other oversized objects. Visit our site to learn more about our junk removal services.