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With all the time you’re spending at home because of COVID-19, you may be taking on projects you hadn’t planned on or had been putting off.

It could be a remodeling project or a early start with a spring-cleaning project.

Or maybe you’re a business owner who wants to clear out your workspace while many members of your team are working from home.

You don’t need to be there for a dumpster drop-off

Whatever it is you’re planning; you may find yourself with a lot of junk to remove and few options on how to deal with it.

Some cities aren’t providing extra pickup because of the large increase that has resulted from so many people being at home and most importantly dining more at home.

Going to the landfill might not be an option because you don’t have access to a vehicle that can transport junk.

This leaves renting a dumpster as one of the few options still available.

The concern you might have is whether renting a dumpster is whether it’s safe during this time of social distancing and hand sanitizers.

How To Make Renting a Dumpster Safe During the Coronavirus

Dumpster rentals were considered an essential service for a simple reason. People still needed a way to get rid of junk during this time. 

A dumpster rental during COVID-19 is a great way to dispose of junk and debris created by home projects without being exposed to other people. Here are some ways the process is completely safe and how to ensure your dong it the right way.

Rent and Pay Over the Telephone – when you decide on a dumpster rental company, then you can take care of most everything over the phone.

You can decide on what dumpster size you need and what days you’ll need it. Then you can complete your order over the phone so when it does arrive everything will be completed.

No Contact During Drop-Off – one of the things you can let the dumpster company know in advance is where to have it placed. You could even have the space marked off.

If you want to ensure they get the drop-off spot correct, then you could be outside and guide them from a distance. There’s usually no reason to speak directly to a driver.

Limited to No Contact with The Dumpster Itself – when the dumpster arrives you might find you don’t even have to touch it. Some dumpsters come without lids and simply have doors that you might not even need to open. You might only have to toss in the items from a slight distance.

If you do have to lift off a lid or open a door then take the simple precaution of wearing a pair of gloves.

When Your Dumpster is Loaded Your Work Is Done – once you’ve disposed of everything in the dumpster your work is done. You’ve already agreed on a time for it to be picked up so now you just need to make sure the pathway isn’t blocked. You’ve already paid so there is no more paperwork. You don’t have to be there when it is picked up.

Despite the uncertainty of the time, this can also be a time to be productive. To take care of that remodeling project or to finally clear out the attic or basement. And since most dumpster companies offer a variety of sizes, it doesn’t matter how big or small the job. A dumpster can be an affordable and safe option.

The Precautions Nova Dumpsters is Taking During COVID-19

Nova Dumpsters serves Northern Virginia and parts of Maryland (Montgomery and Prince George Counties). And we’ve taken extra precautions during this time to keep our clients and our workers safe.

We constantly sanitize our trucks and our drivers wear a mask and use plenty of hand sanitizer with each job.

We clean the back doors of the dumpster for every delivery. And with no lid, you can take care of most of your junk easily. Just toss it in from a couple of feet away.

We follow all CDC Guidelines.

Give us a call today at (833) 610-3867 for a free, no-obligation quote. Once you decide on what size you need, you can take care of literally everything over the phone, from scheduling to payment.

Would you rather not deal with the junk yourself? Our parent company Nova Junk Removal provides no contact junk removal service, as well.

Visit our site to learn more about our junk removal services and how we limit the contact between you and our staff.