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Few places are in more of a need for a dumpster than a construction site. No matter what type of work is being done there is almost always debris. And allowing the debris to simply pile up is never a good idea.

Having a way to get rid of the debris as the work progresses doesn’t just make the area safer for workers. It makes them more efficient as they don’t have to navigate around piles of debris.

How having a dumpster on a construction site benefits a contractor.
A Dumpster on a Construction Site is Critical

Here are some key benefits to having a dumpster on site besides saving time.

Keeping the Workspace Safe

Your workers are moving about constantly, often carrying things as they go or operating vehicles. The last thing you need is for them to trip over some debris or even having to maneuver around it.

There is also the debris that could result in cuts or punctures. You don’t want wood with nails sticking out or metal pieces that are share enough to slice someone. These materials can also be a problem for vehicles traveling through the site.

Remember t’s not just your workers that you want to protect. It could be the homeowners or businesspeople whose project you’re working on. If your site is in a heavily trafficked area you also don’t want pedestrians wandering in after-hours and injuring themselves, as well.

Doing It Yourself Could Be A Mistake

There is always the option of trying to dispose of the debris on your own. Perhaps load it onto a truck and have it hauled away.  Yet, your taking employees away from their work and using one of your own trucks, which might be needed for other work. And depending on how far away the landfill is, it could take a while.

It’s also not as simple as it is for a homeowner who is going to the landfill with their own junk. There’s additional paperwork and fees to be aware of. You’ll need to:

  • Apply for special permit from the county to haul and dispose of trash.
  • Apply for a DOT number from department of transportation which comes with strict regulations you have to follow 
  • Get special insurance to cover their vehicles.
  • Invest in expensive equipment such as heavy-duty trucks and containers.

As you can see there negatives outweigh the positives.

Getting rid of heavy materials such as concrete and dirt

Even with small projects, one of the biggest problems is what to do with heavy materials such as dirt, rock, concrete or bricks. Start tossing these into a trash can and it will barely be filled before it’s too heavy to lift.

A construction dumpster is specifically designed for materials such as these. Often these are smaller dumpsters, but which still can take quite a bit of material. You can dispose of the materials easily and no one has to worry about injuring their back lifting a heavy trash can.

Be aware that construction dumpsters often have a line or mark to which you can only fill to. Go past this and the dumpster company might not be able to lift it. This could result in your workers having to unload it and an additional return fee.

Dumpster Rental Companies Can Supply Multiple Dumpsters and Maintain Them

For projects that are going to result in a lot of debris, a single dumpster won’t be enough. It will soon be overflowing, and you’ll still be discarding materials on the site. And you could find your dumpster is over the mandatory amount.

Work with a dumpster company that can provide you with the number of dumpsters you need to keep your worksite constantly clear. And that can regularly empty them as needed.

For Home Remodelers and Landscapers

If your worksite is someone’s home, then there is even more to be concerned about. You want their property to be safe and their family or pets not at risk.

You don’t want the mess from a remodeling project piling up on their carpet or on their lawn. Or being a hazard for family members, such as young children.

A dumpster allows you to get rid of busted countertops, carpeting, broken drywall, or busted up wood embedded with nails.

The dumpster can take steps to ensure that the spot the dumpster is being left at won’t be damaged in the process.

Keep Your Project On Schedule

One advantage of having a clean worksite is the workers can be more productive. They can confidently move about with their work, knowing they don’t have to worry about what they’ll run into.

It also means less cleanup at the end of a project. If you’ve been piling up the debris off to the side, it now has to be removed. This only adds to your already tight schedule.

A dumpster on site is a necessity, whether you’re involved in a major construction project or a home remodeling project. Since most dumpster companies offer a variety of sizes, then no matter the size of the project there will be one to fit your needs.

If you’re a construction company or a remodeling contractor in Northern Virginia or Washington DC, then contact Nova Dumpsters. We also serve Prince George and Montgomery Counties in Maryland. We can provide you with the necessary dumpsters to keep your project on time and your crew safe.  Call us today at 571-432-8162.