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A landscaping project can be as simple as putting new flowers in front of your home. Or it could be as complex as tearing up a patio to put new concrete down. Or building a backyard area in which to enjoy a fire-pit.

If you’re going to be doing a landscaping project soon and its going to result in a lot of waste, you might want to consider renting a dumpster.

Dumpsters as small as 6 yards can be rented for yard waste.

A dumpster makes the work go quicker and often results in less mess. Getting your hands dirty is one thing, but potentially damaging your yard as you pile up a bunch of broken bricks is another thing.

The problem with many landscaping projects is that you often end up with yard waste, construction debris, and simple junk. Getting rid of them often requires different methods.

Yard waste you often have to bundle up or put in a yard waste bag.

If the debris is from a construction project such as tearing up a deck, then you can’t put this out for the city to take.

And if you have heavy materials such as dirt, rocks, or broken concrete to dispose of you have few options. After all, just a little in a trash can often puts it over the weight you can set out for pickup.

Here are Some Way A Dumpster Helps

You Can Combine Different Types of Waste

With a dumpster you don’t have to separate out most of your waste. You can gather up branches and leaves and toss them in. You can toss in an old barbecue or throw in the lumber from a deck your repairing.

You can toss in:

·        Branches

·        Leaves

·        Patio furniture

·        A grill (without the tank)

·        Fencing

·        Lumber

·        Firewood

About the only thing you can’t dispose of in a dumpster is hazardous material or liquid waste.

You Don’t Have to Break Things Up or Bag Them

One hassle of filling a yard waste bag is getting rid of branches. You often need to break them up into manageable pieces. Even if your wrapping them up with twine, your often limited in what size you can bundle up.

With a dumpster you just toss them in.

You Don’t Need an Oversized Dumpster You’ll Barely Fill

One reason you might be hesitant to rent a dumpster is that you’ll imagine you’ll receive will be too big for your needs. That isn’t the case. Most dumpster companies have a variety of dumpster sizes available so you can rent something smaller. This also helps if you have limited space in which to place a dumpster.

You can rent as small as a 6-yard dumpster.

Likewise, if the job is very big or if you plan to empty out junk from your home or garage, then you can rent larger sizes.

Getting rid of dirt, rocks, and bricks

If you’re doing work that will result in dirt, rock, or brick to be disposed of, then a dumpster isn’t just convenient. It’s a necessity.

Most dumpster companies have construction dumpsters that are specifically designed for heavier materials such as broken concrete.

Clean Out Clutter from Your Home

Having a dumpster on site is also a great time to get rid of some of the clutter around your home. You might have been setting old appliances aside or busted furniture. If you still have room in your dumpster once the yard work is done, then take advantage of it. This is a great way to get some more items off your to-do list.

With the aid of a dumpster, you can get the yard work done sooner and as a result enjoy your new beautiful lawn or backyard area.

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