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There are times when you have more junk than can be set out for the city to pick up. You might be cleaning out an office or a home or doing some remodeling work. Or maybe you’re preparing to move and want to get rid of anything that won’t be going to the new place.

In circumstances like that, a dumpster can make the whole process easier. There is no bagging involved and no traveling in your own vehicle to a nearby landfill. You simply haul the trash out and toss it in the dumpster.

A dumpster rental company should offer multiple sizes

You can call around about pricing options, but there’s more to the decision, then simply whose the cheapest.

Here are some things to consider before scheduling a dumpster drop off.

Variety of Dumpster Sizes

Are they a one size fits all dumpster company, or do they have a variety of sizes available. You don’t want to pay for a large metal container only to realize you could have gotten by with something half as small.

What About Permits

For some communities, you must have a permit to have a dumpster. The company should know this when you call and let you know that either they handle it or can assist you in getting the proper permit.

Will My Property Be Safe

The last thing you want is to have a dumpster dropped off at your property and then find it’s caused damage in the process. Find out how they’ll deposit the dumpster so as not to damage your lawn or driveway. If you’re worried about damage being done, one option might be to find one that uses a hook and haul system. Not only does it carefully lift the dumpster onto your property, it’s designed to get into smaller spaces so anything around it won’t be damaged during delivery.

Also, a dumpster company should have a variety of sizes available. So if you are concerned about your property, they might suggest a smaller size that are better for weaker surfaces.

What Can’t I Put in The Dumpster

When you talk to the agent, they’ll question you about the junk you’ll be tossing in. There are some items that are prohibited such as chemical waste or asbestos. In most cases, the dumpster company can let you know who to contact for such items. You might find out that you can’t rent a dumpster because of the waste you have. You want to find this out on the telephone and not after you’ve dumped everything in the dumpster.

No Hidden Fees

When you explain to the company how much junk you’ll have they should not only advise you on the size you need but how far you can fill it up. Then they’ll go over the total cost based on that and unless you make any changes, that should be the final cost they bill you.

Can They Accommodate if You Have A Lot of Trash

You might be doing a large undertaking such as a renovation project that will require more than one dumpster load. Will they be able to bring a new dumpster when picking up the first or will you have to wait on them. You don’t want junk piling up while the company returns with another dumpster in a few days’ time.

Prompt Removal

A dumpster, even a small one, still takes up a lot of space. When you talk with a company ask them how soon, they can pick up the dumpster. You don’t want it sitting on your property for days after you’ve finished using it. Can they give you a definite date when they’ll pick it up?

Are They Eco-Friendly

For all the junk you might have you might also realize not all is trash. That some items might be recyclable. Find out if your dumpster is simply taken to a landfill and dumped off or does it go to a transfer station where it will be sorted through.

As mentioned they should have also told you in advance what can’t be put in your dumpster, meaning items that could be toxic or bad for the environment.

Are They Bonded and Insured?

This may seem like a small thing. After all, what can go wrong with a dumpster? But accidents do happen, and you want to make sure you’re not going to be held responsible if the accident wasn’t your fault.

Also, this shows that it’s a legitimate business which should mean they adhere to good business practices. An uninsured company that offers very cheap prices might not be dumping waste in the proper manner.

What Type of Reviews Do They Have

For most products or services you buy, you should take into consideration the reviews left by other consumers. The same is true of dumpster rental companies. In reading the reviews of the business you might find a lot of red flags about a business. If that is the case you might want to cross them off your list immediately.

For dumpster companies look for their reviews on Google or on home services related sites such as AngiesList. You might find that a company has such a good reputation you don’t even have to go to their website. The recommendations they receive about being affordable or helpful or on time are enough for you to call them.

Is Their Pricing Affordable

Pricing may have been your biggest concern all along, but as you’ve seen there are other options to consider when renting a dumpster. Still, you want something that is affordable. When you’re done looking at a few companies and everything thing is equal, then go with the lowest price.

Not Disrupting Your Business

If you’re a business owner and only need a dumpster for a short period, you want to make sure it’s not taking up a lot of room in your parking lot or on your property. That it’s only there for the time period you need and not for days afterward as you wait for them to finally get it.

If your home or your business has junk to be called and reside in Washington DC, northern Virginia and parts of Maryland, then call Nova Dumpster Rental. We have a variety of sizes available and competitive pricing. When you call us at 571-432-8162, we’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have and then schedule a drop-off that is convenient for you.