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The selling of a home is always a stressful time. You want to get the most value out of your home and also the most exposure for your listing. You also have to be willing to leave your home, often at short notice, to have complete strangers come in and critique your home.

Before you even list your home you often have a to-do list on things you need to do to get it ready. They could be things like touching up the walls, cleaning the carpet or doing some last-minute landscaping.

One of the biggest tasks in your list and one of the most important is to clear the home out of clutter and junk.

Clear your home of all the clutter before listing it

Most likely you’ve accumulated a lot of things over the years that you no longer use or that simply don’t work. They’ve been tucked away in the basement or in the attic for years.

There are a number of reasons to get rid of the clutter and all are to your benefit.

Getting rid of clutter makes your home seems more spacious. It also looks more appealing. These are two big benefits to helping sell your home.

A third reason is that it means less stuff to deal with when you do move out. You’ll appreciate that when you start loading and unloading everything later.

Yet, this task can seem daunting when you start. If you’ve lived in the space for a while you might have accumulated a lot of things over the year, including clutter.

Here are some suggestions to make the work go easier.

Begin with the Obvious

Most often you have a place where you put discarded items that didn’t work or that you no longer needed. Clear these out first as there is less thought involved. If you can designate a spot to put all your trash in the interim, great. If not, simply separate it all out so you know what all needs to go.

Go From Room To Room

This might be a project that you do over a period of time. If that’s the case start by doing one room and finishing it before going onto the next. Then cross off each room as you go.

Look for Items to Sell Or Give Away

Not all of the items you’re getting rid of is junk. Some items might have value or still be useful.

You could hold a garage sale to get rid of clothing, appliances, and furniture that you no longer use. Not everything might go, but a good chunk of it will.

Other family members might want some of the items. Sons or daughters that have moved out might need some of the furniture you’re getting rid of for their place.

Better yet, donate the items to a local charity. Just be aware that they aren’t desperate to take items. They have standards and are only looking for items that are in good condition and not worn or out of date.

What to Do With the Junk

When everything is done your most likely going to have a lot to get rid of. Now you have to figure out how to dispose of it.

You could schedule a special pickup with the city. Just remember to have everything out the night before all bagged and tied up.

If you have a lot of items, then you might have to schedule a number of pickups.

Also, be aware that they won’t take everything. If some of the materials is leftover from a renovation project, they won’t accept any of this debris.

You could consider making a trip to a local landfill. This is fine if you have a vehicle you can use for this. And if you’re clearing out a home, you might be looking at a number of trips.

Do you really have the time to devote a couple of afternoons to loading up junk, traveling to the landfill, then waiting in line to dispose of it? That’s valuable time you could be used to touch up the home or to look for your new home.

The Easiest Solution To Clearing out a Lot of Junk

One of the easiest solutions to disposing of junk as you go is to rent a dumpster.

By having a dumpster on site you simply take things out and toss them in. There’s no need to bag up anything or bundle it up. And you can even toss in remodeling debris such as carpet, wood flooring, or an old countertop.

It would be nice to have a dumpster on-site throughout the entire cleaning process, but this isn’t very practical. Instead have most of the rooms cleared of junk or at least separated out before the dumpster even arrives. Then when t does arrive take on a bigger room, such as the attic or basement.

Don’t worry if you have a lot to get rid of. Most dumpster rental companies have a number of sizes to choose from so most likely you can get rid of everything in one load.

Contact Nova Dumpsters For Help

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We have a number of dumpsters sizes to choose from. When you contact our office, our experienced staff will go over with you how much junk you need. They’ll then suggest the perfect size for your project.

Maybe you want to split the work up into a couple of weekends. We can supply you with one dumpster, then remove it and bring another one later in the week.

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